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International quality multi wall paper bags at Indian price. Dico Manufactures high quality multi wall paper bags and sacks. Quality multi wall paper bags at affordable price.

Multi-wall Paper Bags: The Eco-friendly packaging of choice.

Multi wall paper bags have been used since 1920's but now they are well on their way to become the global packaging leader. This eco-friendly packaging which is fully recyclable, is used for packing of tea, dry minerals, carbon black, cement and various other products. 

The bags are made of multiple layers of kraft paper which gives it great strength. The inner layer is sometimes laminated or specially coated to protect the contents from harmful contamination and to keep the contents fresh. The construction materials specified in each case are determined by the product itself and the degree of product protection required to safeguard its quality.

Its time for a change !

If you have been packing your products in plastic or other packing materials, consider multi-wall paper bags. These bags are light and strong, protect the product well and are highly recyclable. The outer layer can be printed as per your required design.

"Your product quality is always improving, but when was the last time, 
your packaging improved?" 

What are your benefits !

Multi wall paper bags are scientifically proven to :

- Preserve freshness
- Reduce Infestation
- Resist moisture
- Lock in odors
- Reduce or eliminate chemical preservatives.

Multi wall paper bags can be easily transported by truck and containers, for shipments. Here is a sample of paper bag design characteristics:

- Basic raw material is a renewable resource.
- Protects contents from the absorption of moisture.
- Prevents loss of essential moisture from contents.
- Permits top-icing of fresh produce
- Prevents the escape of oils or flavors from products
- Protects against chemical action of contents
- Prevents seepage or penetration of products packed "hot"
- Prevents low-cost protection against contamination
- Permits stacking for better utilization of warehouse space
- Serves as a degradable package under certain conditions
- Has the FDA approval for food packaging

What are you waiting for ?

Take the first step, now. Fill up our enquiry form to tell us about your packing requirements and we will get back to you with a proposal, detailing how you can use multi wall paper bags to your advantage along with the commercial details. 

P.S: Remember, by switching to multi wall paper bags, you will not only save yourself a lot, you will be helping the earth breathe easy.

Multi wall paper bags for packaging Tea, Coffee, Spices, Carbon Black, Cement

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